Using plumber in a Rocker container

In this post I’ll go over my steps to create a docker image with plumber package to have a REST API endpoint on EC2 Amazon instance. This means that this endpoint will “live” and respond to requests from any tool of your choosing. Initially, I’ve set up to do this in order to add Slack Slash command. However, I didn’t look into documentation first (RTFM!) and apparently slash commands can only return text. [Read More]

Docker, Rocker and other things

Continuing what I’ve started already with the post about blogdown where I’ve advertised how easy it is to use blogdown for all you blogging needs, today I want to do the same about Docker. If you don’t know what Docker is, there is a video from useR!2017 that started the process for me and where Daniel Nust explains what it is and why you should care. But more specifically, for hands-on tutorial I went with ROpenSci tutorial. [Read More]