Hitchiker's paradox: Quantified-self edition

Have you ever had this feeling that bus (or tram, or train, etc.) leaves exactly 1 minute before you get to the stop AND the next one is forever away? Or you come to a crossroad which is usually very quiet, but exactly as you are about to cross it, there are like 100 cars going in every direction? Apparently, both of those phenomenon’s can be explained with what is called “Hitchiker’s paradox”. [Read More]

Finding controversial and interesting posts on Hacker News

I’ve been an avid reader of Hacker News for the past year or so. If you don’t know what it is, in few words it’s an aggregator that is centered around technology news and everything surrounding them. So, not only news about the latest and greatest frameworks to use, but also any news that community finds interesting. Stories are upvoted to the front page that you see when you go the link above. [Read More]

UseR 2017 review: Talks

There was a useR! conference in July, 2017. I’ve been meaning to go over some of the talks that are interesting (to me) for quite some time, so now that it is September in Berlin and weather is atrocious - what can be better than spending some time listening to interesting people talking about interesting things? Well, maybe many things, but whatever, I’m doing this. As a way of preparation I went over the schedule and wrote down every single talk that I thought is interesting. [Read More]

Blogdown + Netlify

I’ve been trying to get into blogging for quite some time, but laziness got the best of me every time. My first attempt amounted to fairly standard (at the time) use of Github Pages along with Jekyll based blog. You can still find it here. My personal gripe with it was the fact that in order to post anything you need to go through multiple manual steps. Granted, those steps can be automated, but each of those steps required non-trivial amount of work on my part to do it. [Read More]