Updating packages to R 3.6.0

R has recently updated to 3.6.0 and as you may or may not know it means that all packages with compiled parts (i.e., packages with C or C++) in them must be re-installed in order to be used. Some of the packages you had in 3.5.x might still work, but it’s always a good idea to update them as well. So today, when R has updated itself through Linux magic, I found myself re-installing packages by hand. [Read More]

Going to the cloud Google style

There are multiple cloud providers that one can choose from and overtime I’m planning to try working with all of them. But the first on the line is CloudML from Google. The biggest reason for that choice is outstanding work from RStudio folks that created multiple packages that make working with Google infrastructure a breeze (300$ of free credit are also a big factor). Specifically today I’ll go over tutorials of cloudml package and provide future self (and you) with pointers of where things can or will go wrong and how to avoid them. [Read More]

Overview of `secret` and `spelling` packages

If you didn’t notice this blog is mostly about me talking to future myself with some pieces of advice that I find useful at the moment. It is most obvious with Docker post, but pretty much every post is kinda like that. Another major theme of the blog so far is me looking at cool packages that I think are useful. I’m especially interested in packages that solve a certain problem that is usually not so flashy, but solving those problems make it easy for many people to do what they want to do better and faster. [Read More]