Going to the cloud Google style

There are multiple cloud providers that one can choose from and overtime I’m planning to try working with all of them. But the first on the line is CloudML from Google. The biggest reason for that choice is outstanding work from RStudio folks that created multiple packages that make working with Google infrastructure a breeze (300$ of free credit are also a big factor). Specifically today I’ll go over tutorials of cloudml package and provide future self (and you) with pointers of where things can or will go wrong and how to avoid them. [Read More]

Dabbling with deep learning

I like trying different things just to see how difficult/easy it is. One of the things I’ve been meaning to try for quite some time is deep learning, specifically keras package by RStudio. There are many tutorials about keras around, but I’ve just followed couple of tutorials and vignettes that they have on their CRAN page. The interesting thing to me is the fact that, apparently, keras is no longer the cool kid on the block and all the rage is now behind pytorch. [Read More]