rstudio::conf 2018 Review: Part 4

This is fourth and final part of the overview for rstudio::conf2018. It took longer than I’ve anticipated, but at least I’ve finished before rstudio::conf2019 :). Part 1 is here Part 2 is here Part 3 is here Modeling in the Tidyverse by Max Kuhn. This talk is an overview of the roadmap for the modeling packages in the tidyverse. The main idea is quite straightforward. Specifically, the suite of packages for modeling should be seen as a way to specify what you want in a declarative way and delay actual work as much as possible. [Read More]

rstudio::conf 2018 Review: Part 3

Part 1 is here Part 2 is here Part 4 is here Data-driven product development by Ramnath Vaidyanathan. Ramnath from DataCamp shared their experience of using data to drive decisions. He didn’t say anything completely new, but it is always reassuring to see that solid principles tend to produce consistent results. Another interesting point in his talk is a fact that they’ve decided to share their findings with instructors who create courses on DataCamp. [Read More]

rstudio::conf 2018 Review: Part 2

Part 1 is here Part 3 is here Part 4 is here How I learned to stop worrying and love the firewall by Ian Lyttle. In this talk Ian described the workflow he devised in order to create private CRAN-like repos inside of firewall environments. Those environments are often the reality of life in enterprises, so this talk gives couple of concrete pieces of advice to succeed in this endeavour. [Read More]

rstudio::conf 2018 Review: Part 1

Part 2 is here Part 3 is here Part 4 is here I’ve done review of useR!2017 conference before, so I wanted to continue the trend and give an overview of rstudio::conf 2018. It happened all the way in January and I’ve had it in my list of things to do since then. Well, the time has come! I’ve had the same problem with useR!2017, namely, the fact that there are too many good talks. [Read More]