Ethics in Data Science

There is a very noticeable effort in thinking about ethics towards data collection online and in general dealing with data about people. This is especially (or, rather, especially for me) clear in the field of Data Science. There are multiple reasons why Data Science broadly is seen as a tool to weaponize snooping on users to a ridiculous degree. Examples of that are: Palantir spying in New Orleans, China spying on its citizens Minority Report style as well as literally any adtech business. [Read More]

Category theory via graphical linear algebra

I was reading through Hacker News (as I often do) and came across the link with the name “Graphical Linear Algebra”. I tend to click on most links at the front page and this link wasn’t an exception. What I found there is a blog by Pawel Sobocinski where he talks about Graphical Linear Algebra (surprise) and how it’s application. Very early in the series he mentions that GLA is connected to category theory – area of mathematics that I’ve been trying to understand for a loooong time given how useful it is for functional programming. [Read More]