Berlin satRday 2019

On 15th of June I’ve participated in satRdays here in Berlin. Specifically, I’ve suggested to have a workshop that I creatively named “Touring the tidyverse”. It was based on the 6 talks I gave over the last year at R users group (here is link to one of them).

I’ve called it an “advanced” workshop since we’ve talked about topics that you normally don’t touch during workshops. However, I’ve decided to talk about them since there are plenty workshops that talk about these topics at introductory level, so there is a lack (from my point of view) of talks that go a little deeper into what is happening inside of tidyverse.

GitHub repo with all the slides/exercises/solutions -

You can also play with code directly at this RStudio Cloud link. Also, my experience with RStudio Cloud during the workshop has been quite wonderful. It worked without a hitch and it definitely saved a TON of time setting everything up, especially since I’ve used dev versions for some of the packages.


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