Touring the tidyverse: tidymodels

In the penultimate stop in “Touring the tidyverse” series of talks I was talking about tidymodels. It is a collection of packages that are built using tidy approach to make model fitting in R more predictable and extendable. The main force behind tidymodels-suite is Max Kuhn who you might know as an author and maintainer of caret package.

tidymodels collection of packages is by far the least developed part of the tidyverse and it is under very active development at the moment. Nevertheless, even at this state the suite of packages is already usable and useful for certain use-cases. I’ve shown this in the talk using materials from 2-day “Applied Machine Learning” workshop that happened at rconf::2019 and was led by Max Kuhn himself. Specifically, materials that I’ve used come from parts 1-3 of the workshop with few additions. The most visible one is that I’ve added package:: to every function call used. Hopefully, this makes it a bit clearer where each of the packages “lives” inside of tidymodels framework.

R markdown format of the presentation is here, code I’ve used during presentation is here.

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