Farewell Disqus, hello Staticman!

Back in March I’ve decided to delete integration with Google Analytics for the simple reason I never used it and therefore it had zero utility for me. All the while almighty Google was getting even more data about everyone. This proved to be a good decision since I never even had a thought about re-enabling it back up.

However, one thing that I mentioned then was still bugging me:

Next on the chopping block is Disqus integration. I even have couple of links saved with possible alternatives so once I’ll manage to have some sort of comments section without too many hoops I’ll drop this integration as well

I’m happy to say that I’ve finally found a way without “too many hoops” to enable commenting on this blog. The name of this tool is Staticman and true to its name it actually leverages the staticness to have (almost) zero hassle setup for your blog.

For steps on how to do it I’ve followed this blog-post by fellow R user Matthias Döring, if you were thinking to do the same. He also explains the reason behind a need to even bother with self-hosting.

Couple of notes about his steps that I had to solve on the way:

  1. His second step is labelled “Create a GitHub token for this account, allowing API/write access” where “this” refers to a GitHub account that you create specifically for Staticman integration. To me it read that this token should be created for this user, while in fact it should be a token from the account where your blog is hosted. Also, write access means repo level privileges. I was a bit confused since repo level only mentioned private repos, but I guess public repos are included as well.
  2. 95% of changes one needs to enable Staticman I’ve managed to keep to one commit, so if you are feeling stuck, this can be a good place to try to get unstuck. Two subsequent commits were needed to fix all the little things required for successful integration.

Finally, I’d like to thank everyone who used Disqus to comment on my blog. There were 4 comments in total, so I hope you forgive me for this decision since none of them are visible from today. On the other hand, you can comment now without any sign-up (I will keep moderate: true for now meaning that I’ll have to approve each new comment), so that’s positive.


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