Touring the tidyverse: purrr

Another R meetup, another talk about tidyverse. This time I’ve talked about purrr. I really like this package, but I do have a feeling that I didn’t present in the best light possible. I certainly could have prepared a couple more examples that showcase why this package is so awesome and what kind of workflow it allows to create. To pat myself on the back a bit, it was a good idea to anticipate that it would take a bit longer than I’ve planned and to put “interesting” parts of purrr first. We didn’t have time to go over utilities in purrr, but I do believe that they are quite self-explanatory, so hopefully no issues with them.

R markdown format of the presentation is here, code I’ve used during presentation is here.

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  2. dplyr -
  3. purrr -
  4. tidyeval -
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  6. Beyond tidyverse -


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