Keeping writing monkey off my back

Apparently, it is not possible to embed interactive vizualization in Github Pages. At least, according to this post I’ve came across. I’m not entirely sure that this is true, since, for example this seems to work just fine.

Most likely it is technically possible, but, as I was saying before, having to deal with all of those dependencies is exactly why I didn’t want to blog in the first place. Writing something (conceptually) simple would end up in a 3-4 hour hackfest where I fight the tool rather than actually doing anything productive. For some that is interesting, but for “writing monkey” on my back that was a perfect excuse to stay put.

It is also fitting that my next post will be about interactive vizualizations (and vizualizations in general), so I’ve decided to try it here, just to see whether it is as seamless as other things.

For that, I’ll use probably my favorite package that for some reason is not used as widely as it deserves - Trelliscope.

I’m only using the most basic example to demonstrate functionality:


qplot(year, lifeExp, data = gapminder) +
  xlim(1948, 2011) + ylim(10, 95) + theme_bw() +
  facet_trelliscope(~ country + continent, nrow = 2, ncol = 7, width = 300, self_contained = TRUE)
## using data from the first layer