All talks can be found here: I’ve picked 30 talks in total, so will split them into 3 parts with 10 talks each.

Part 1 is here

Part 2 is here

  1. Interactivity and programming in the tidyverse by Lionele Henry

  2. Azure Pipelines and Github Actions by Jim Hester

  3. Asynchronous programming in R by Winston Chang

  4. vctrs: Creating custom vector classes with the vctrs package by Jesse Sadler

  5. future: simple async parallel and distributed processing in R, what’s next by Henrik Bengtsson

  6. Getting things logged by Gergely Daroczi

  7. Lightning talk by Amanda Gadrow

  8. Lightning talk by Colin Rundel

  9. Lightning talk by Javier Luraschi

  10. Lightning talk by Caroline Ledbetter